Jingyi Zhuang

A strightforward Curriculum Vitae


Master of Science

Bachelor of Engineering


Computational Materials & Geoscience: ε-Fe at Exoplanetary Conditions

Study of Printable Electronics Materials & Coating Properties

Simulations of Nanostructure & Optics: Organic Solar Cell Light Capturing Efficiency


Advanced Thermal Interface Materials and Devices Lab, SINANO, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Suzhou Bao Feng New Material Co.LTD

Suzhou Hao Shi Jia Material Co.LTD

Publication & Presentation

Thermal equation of state of ε-Fe at exoplanetary interior conditions

Thermodynamic properties of ε-iron with T-dependent phonons

Thermodynamic properties of ε-Fe at inner core conditions using T-dependent phonon dispersions