About me

Jingyi Zhuang

PhD Candidate in Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University.

I am a scientist, programmer.

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Research Focus

Lower mantle mineral studies

Jan 2022 - Present

First part: study the post-perovskite transition in Fe- and Al-bearing bridgmanite from DFT + U. Final target: organize ab initio results and engage in packages and database.

Spin Crossover in Ferropericlase in the Earth's Lower Mantle from LDA + USC Calculations

Apr 2021 - Present

The pressure- and temperature-induced high spin (HS) to low spin (LS) crossover of Fe2+ ions in ferropericlase (Fp), Mg(1-x)FexO, affects various mantle properties. We present results from a free energy model that goes beyond the ideal HS-LS solid solution framework.

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pgm: Python package for phonon gas model

Jun 2020 - Apr 2022

A useful tool to compute thermodynamic properties at extreme conditions, i.e., high temperature or pressure, by addressing effects: anharmonicity, electronic thermal excitations. Examples: ε-Fe, CaPv.

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ε-Fe Research Repositories

Jun 2018 - Feb 2021

The likely stable phase of iron at the extreme conditions of terrestrial planetary cores.

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More Projects

Wentzcovitch Group Website

Apr 2019 - Present

Website design for my research group done in 2019. Currently, I am maintaining the publications and events updated.

Pseudopotentials Library - Vlab web app

Apr 2020 - Aug 2020

Provide some of the PAW datasets were developed by our research group.

Crystal Structure Input Database - Vlab web app

Apr 2020 - Aug 2020

Provide crystal structure input files of 67 essential crustal and mantle minerals.